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Canton Fair 2023 Autumn, The 134th Canton Fair

2023-07-27 786 RODROCK

Canton Fair 2023 Autumn, The 134th Canton Fair

The 134th Canton Fair will open in Autumn 2023 at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex. The Canton Fair has announced the following adjustments for its exhibition areas starting from the 134th session:

The Building and Decoration Materials Exhibition Area and the Bathroom Equipment Exhibition Area will be moved from the first phase to the second phase.

The Toy Exhibition Area, Maternity and Baby Products Exhibition Area, Pet Products Exhibition Area, Personal Care Appliances Exhibition Area, and Bathroom Products Exhibition Area will be moved from the second phase to the third phase.

The Engineering and Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Area will be split into two separate areas: Engineering Machinery Exhibition Area and Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Area.

The Chemical Products Exhibition Area in the first phase will be renamed as New Materials and Chemical Products Exhibition Area, and the New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Exhibition Area will be renamed as New Energy Vehicles and Smart Travel Exhibition Area.

Phase 1 From Oct. 15-19, New Energy, New Materials and Chemical Products, Hardware, Tools, Machining Machinery and Equipment, Power and Electrical Equipment, General Machinery and Mechanical Parts, Industrial Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing, Engineering Machinery (Indoor/Outdoor), Agricultural Machinery (Indoor/Outdoor), New Energy Vehicles and Smart Travel, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Automotive Parts, Vehicles.

Phase 2 From Oct. 23-27.  Building and Decoration Materials, Bathroom Equipment, Furniture, Kitchen and Tableware, Daily-use Ceramics, Home Products, Clocks, Watches and Eyewear, Gifts and Premiums, Festival Products, Home Decorations, Art Ceramics, Glass Artware, Garden Supplies,  Woven and Rattan Iron Crafts, Iron and Stone Decorations and Outdoor Spa Facilities.

Phase 3 From Oct. 31- Nov. 5.  Personal Care Appliances, Bathroom Products, Medicines, Health Products and Medical Devices, Pet Products, Maternity and Baby Products, Toys,

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